4 choices you need to make when shopping for hardwood flooring

When you have decided to go with hardwood flooring in your home there are a few things you need to consider. The answer to these four questions will help you outfit your home.

1. What kind of board width do you want?

Any kind of board width will look good as long as you have the wood flooring installed right. This is really a kind of personal touch but it’s one you are going to want to make before you get started. You can get very narrow strips (less than three inches) to wider boards that are more than five inches. You can also get squares or rectangles rather than strips that will go all across the floor.

2. What kind of wood species do you want?

The answer to this question is going to be rooted, at least in part to whether you prefer more durability or a more striking appearance. When you are talking about the most common species used in wood flooring Toronto you are going to choose oak, maple or cherry. These are quite durable and don’t need a ton of upkeep. Mahogany and Brazillian Cherry are going to be less durable but they will be quite a bit more striking when they are installed.

3. What color do you want?

Some people are going to pick something that’s been painted such as white or black. Some species of woods are going to be lighter or darker depending on what species you are talking about. You’re going to want to do a little shopping, perhaps taking a piece of the wood you are looking at and holding it up against your wall treatments and other furniture to make sure that whatever you put down is going to look like a part of the house, rather than something that is standing out like a sore thumb.

4. Textures

The textures of wood flooring is another one that is really up to you, but you should do a bit of shopping before you decide on the style. There are some wood textures that are going to be shiny and new. Other textures are going to look as though they have been installed decades ago, even if they were really installed just last week. It only matters what you want your floor to look like and whether or not it’s going to fit into your existing decorations.

When you are making these choices and asking yourself these questions, you’ll find most of the answers are all about personal preference. You should still do a bit of digging in order to decide what is going to go best with what is in your place now.