7 Maintenance Tips for Hardwood Flooring

Believe it or not, wood flooring is harder to keep in good condition that you think. You can use the tips below to keep them in pristine condition and undamaged for the years to come.

1. Vacuum Every Week

You heard right, you should vacuum your hardwood floor. The reason for doing this is a thin layer of dirt on your hardwood floor that can wear down your floor’s finish which can ruin them. This is why vacuuming is so important to protect your floor’s finish and overall appearance. Simply, use a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and run it along your hardwood floor. However, resist using rotating brushes since that it ruin the finish on your floors.

2. Protect Them From Water and Rain

Water can potentially ruin your hardwood floors by penetrating the wood and staining it forever. However, you can protect your floors from water by putting down rugs for wet shoes, closing the windows to your home if it’s rainy, putting down trays under plants, etc. You should also wipe up any liquid you see on your floors as quickly as possible. This will prevent even the most minimal damage as well.

3. Lay Down an Extra Large Doormat

Naturally, everyone that enters your home should take off their shoes, especially since you have hardwood floors. Plus, this way no water, dirt, or ice can ruin the finish on your floors. However, since some of your guests may forget, this is why it’s important to lay down an extra large doormat for the interior of your home. You should plan on buying at least a six foot mat, this way you have plenty of time, or space, to remind your guests to remove their shoes or wipe off their shoes.

4. Remove Dirt and Other Residue with a Floor Cleaner

You should keep a no-wax floor cleaner in a common place in your home so that anyone can use it to clean up small spills, dirt, and other residues. Unfortunately enough, even the smallest spills can ruin your floors for good. Keeping this type of cleaner on hand can prevent your floors from being permanently damaged and easily cleaned.

5. Be Careful with Furniture Polish and Hairspray

Both of these chemicals can damage the finish of your flooring. If you get any on your wood flooring Toronto, be sure to wipe it up quickly using a wet cloth. However, if you have a large spill of hairspray of furniture polish on your floor, you should clean it up with window cleaner that does not have ammonia in it.

6. Learn the Wax Rules

Wax is a great way to restore a hardwood floor if it already has a wax finish. You should not use wax on varnish, shellac, or polyurethane finish. It will make the floor extra slippery and can ruin any future refinishing. So, if your floor was finished with polyurethane, use a polish made specifically for polyurethane. If the floor has a different finish, purchase a general-purpose restorer. Be sure to test a small spot before you use it on your entire floor, however.

7. Put Down an Area Rug

If there is an area of your hardwood floor that sees more traffic than others, consider putting down an area rug. Frequently walking across a wood floor can wear down its finish over time. Though you may not want to cover up your nice wood flooring, a rug can protect it against wear and tear.
Look for a rug that does not have a backing. Rubber and vinyl backing can trap in humidity, which will ruin the finish and damage the wood. Take some time to locate the right rug for your space.