7 Reasons Why Wooden Flooring is Simply The Best

Understanding the rich history behind the wood used in floors enriches its value and beauty. Wood floors are showpieces in themselves, and people love to show it off.

Admit it, who hasn’t marveled at the beauty of a home with a fine wood floor? It’s in our nature to love trees and make it a part of our lives and our homes. Go visit Wood flooring Toronto for some really great Wooden flooring ideas!

And we’ll give you 7 more reasons why..

1. Easy To Clean

Credits: Thom Allen

Credits: Thom Allen

While the lack of knowledge has made people develop the misconception that cleaning tiles or carpets is easier than wooden floors, this can’t be any less misleading. Mopping and using a non-aerosol spray can do the magic for you. Sounds easier, doesn’t it?

2. Wood is A Smart Investment


Wood usually increases the resale value of a home. Real wood floors offer beauty for a lifetime or maybe longer! Every day people continue to walk on wood floors that are as old as our nation. Carpet needs to be replaced 3 to 6 times before most solid wood floors ever need repair. Thus, wood floors cost less long term and add value to your home.

3. Wood Flooring Is More Hygienic


It is a known fact for ages that wooden floors are more hygienic. This is the reason why our ancestors preferred wooden houses even after the invention of concrete. The carpets can become a home to many unnecessary parasites which can compromise health standards. This is why simple wood flooring arrangements are preferred over carpets.

4. Saves You From Unpleasant Odors


The carpets are the culprits of trapping unpleasant odors from pets and common eatables. Wood flooring indeed saves you from all that unpleasant smell!

5. Insulation and Heating

Credits: Dawn Peterson

Credits: Dawn Peterson

Wood is a great insulator. With wood flooring arrangements you not only ensure cheaper maintenance but also a warmer living experience.

6. Easy On The Pocket

Credits: Lis Bokt

Credits: Lis Bokt

Contrary to normal belief, wood flooring arrangements are a lot easier to maintain when it comes to replenishing the looks of it. If the wear and tear has made your flooring dull in appearance, simpler methods such as a sand and seal will do the charm. Big time money saver indeed!

7. And Last But Not The Least, They Look So BEAUTIFUL!