Four Tips to Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Wood flooring professionals keep their phones charged in the springtime because they are hard hit by clients looking to clean up the debris and damage long winters have left behind. Clients request appointments for sanding, buffing, refinishing and other concerns. But clients should know that maintenance and proper clean-up techniques are a wood floor’s best friends. Here are four ways to keep your floors looking their best.

1) Use Felt Pads

Little tricks make a difference. When you move your furniture during the holidays, or when your party guests move your furniture for you, felt protectors placed on the bottoms of furniture legs will save your floors from scratches and other wear and tear. One thing to remember is that felt pads pick up a great deal of dust and other debris. Change them out often. If not, then the build up will increase the likelihood of scratching. Professionals describe dirty felt pads as “sandpaper.”

2) Invest in Dust Mops

While it is tempting to give your floors a quick polish you might want to reconsider. Wax build-up tints floors and is very difficult to remove. Instead, give your floors a good dust with a mop equipped with a long, swivel-ready dust head, the kind covered with cotton or microfiber fabric. The soft fibers remove dust and dirt without scratching your floors’ surface. They also polish the floor, bringing it to a lustrous shine.

3) Add Throw Rugs

Of course dust mopping a wet floor isn’t the greatest idea. To prevent tracking in moisture, add throw rugs to entrance-ways or as an accent in large high-traffic areas. Felt pads to the bottom will keep the rugs in place.

4) Develop a Maintenance Schedule

Plan to dust mop your floors daily, or every other day, to prevent an accumulation of debris. Vacuum your floor each week using the bare floor setting. For particularly dirty floors, use a wood floor cleaner. Tile and vinyl cleaners, as well as water and steam, will damage your floor’s finish.

Wood flooring Toronto professionals suggest applying a maintenance coat to your floor every five years. For older floors, or floors that need a quick rehab, scuff buffing is an inexpensive alternative to complete restoration. Scuff buffing does not go down to bare wood. Instead, it removes years’ worth of accumulated film and dirt. It grinds out blemishes and provides a smooth surface upon which to apply a maintenance coat.

Still, plan on fully refinishing your floors every 10 to 15 years. When you do, remember that a variety of stains are available to you. Homeowners can choose grey brushed tones, deep mahoganies or bright pine tints. Using the the tips outlined above, your floors will maintain a healthy luster for a decade before needing a new finish.

Hardwood floors are versatile. You can stain them different colors. You can change your throw rugs, keeping your space contemporary. For minimalists, wood flooring is the perfect combination of space and warmth. Whatever your home’s style, a well-maintained wood floor provides an elegant touch.