How to Determine if Wood Flooring is Eco-Friendly

If you are looking for a wood flooring type for your home that is eco-friendly, you are not alone. Wood generally is highly popular in homes because of its distinguished, sophisticated look. This is a material that adds style as well as value to a home. When well-maintained, it may be enjoyed in a home for many decades. In addition, wood floors are generally considered more eco-friendly than manufactured materials, such as laminate, but some wood type is more green than others. When you are searching for the right wood flooring to install in your home, take time to carefully research the options so that you make a great decision for the environment. These are two of the most important factors to research before investing in a new wood floor for your home.

Consider the Wood Type
Wood type is one of the most important factors that affect how environmentally friendly a material is. Consider, for example, that both bamboo and cork are among the top green choices available in wood flooring toronto. Cork is a renewable resource, and the wood is harvested before the trees reach maturity. The trees are not destroyed during the harvesting process. In addition, the material may be recycled. This means it may be made from recycled materials, and it may be recycled after use in the home. Like cork, bamboo is also a renewable resource that can be recycled. It rapidly renews, and this is because bamboo is mature after just three years of growth. This type of wood also regenerates without the need for replanting. As you can see, some wood types are naturally a better option than others that do not have these characteristics.

Look for Industry Certifications
Another way to look for green flooring is to pay attention to the industry certifications that are linked to the product. There are several that you can search for, and these include certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council, the American Tree Farm System, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Scientific Certifications Systems. When wood flooring has one or more of these certifications, you can rest assured that the wood used in the flooring is derived from specially managed forests. This allows you to buy with confidence.

There are other green options to consider besides bamboo and cork, but these are among the most popular and common options available when choosing eco-friendly flooring. Eco-friendly hardwoods can be harvested in sustainable ways, and this means that how the trees are grown and harvested plays a critical role in how green the material is. By researching these points carefully before making a buying decision, you can more confidently purchase eco-friendly flooring for your home.