Why You Should Choose To Install Wood Flooring

Wood is a popular flooring option because of its easy maintenance, durability, and unique beauty. Apart from providing a timeless visual appeal, you can also benefit from the long lasting quality of wood flooring with proper maintenance. Although they can be relatively expensive, the installation of wood floors often is a solid long term investment. Besides, you can always select a preferred variety by choosing from a broad range of wood species such as oak, maple, ash, and hickory. By deciding to install any wood flooring type, you are bound to enjoy the following benefits:

Easy to repair
You can quickly restore your wood flooring Toronto with a variety of finishes such as staining and sanding. Additionally, the different types of wood floor finishes currently available provide the advantage of unlimited options, especially if you would like to update the color of your floor. Scraping off the top layer exposes the grains anew, making it possible to polish the wood to a different finish. As opposed to replacing the entire floor, wood floors allow you to replace the worn out pieces only, which makes the repair work a lot easier and cheaper than other types of floor.

By providing several quick restoration and repair options, wood floors are a lot cheaper and simpler to replace compared to almost every other type of flooring material. The unrivaled variety, easy repair or replacement, endless finishing options, and relatively affordable pricing of this kind of floor provide a significant advantage if you are looking to restore, upgrade, or sell your home quickly and at a good price.

Enhance your indoor environment
Unlike most of the other flooring options, wood floors do not necessitate the addition of rugs and carpets to improve thermal comfort. As you may well know, carpets usually hold on to dirt, allergens, and dust particles, all of which have a negative impact on the health of your indoor environment. Since wood floors do not hide any particulate matter, they help in the creation of a healthy indoor environment free of potentially dangerous contaminants.

For starters, there is the issue of authenticity. Wood floors bear the authentic beauty and feel provided by nature, which are properties laminate floors cannot even come close to offering. Although scratches, especially the deep ones, can damage wood floors, sanding off the topmost layer and refinishing removes minor scratches quite easily and gives the floor a glossy appearance. Laminate floors resemble wood floors in appearance. However, laminates are comparatively cheaper upfront and not as easy to repair as wood floors.

The part resembling the surface of wood is actually a thin layer covering a series of compressed boards, which makes this type of floors a lot harder and more costly to repair or replace than wood flooring options. The repair of laminate floors involves removal of the affected planks before replacement with similar pieces.

Upfront, wood floors might cost more than the other conventional flooring types. However, apart from being easier and cheaper to maintain, wood floors are also quite durable and bear a unique and naturally aesthetic value.